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On collective intent and the possibility of increasing global frequency

05 | 05 | 2020

An invitation to daily meditation practices, Global Intention is creating a global network of collective intent.

What was recently simply unimaginable is today a part of the daily reality of hundreds of millions of people. There’s no doubt that the challenges before us are becoming more intense and complex. They require us to confront them with resources like cooperation, empathy, and  collectivity.

Global Intentionis an invitation, beginning in May, to connect with a daily practice that lets us raise the collective frequency and to begin to weave new realities that will shape our shared destiny.

Guides and teachers in multiple disciplines from around the world, each with a great trajectory and personal power, will share guided practices and meditations. Among those responsible are Deepak Chopra, Richard Davidson, John Milton and Mingyur Rinpoche, among others. The purpose is as clear as it is elevated:

We are activating a collective intention to raise the field of love, compassion, and healing for those who are suffering and for our planet. We invite you to become part of this global movement, gathering in daily practices and intentions conducted by spiritual guides and teachers.

You may find inspiration in the teachers and practices on the following videos, or with any particular spiritual devotion, or do the practice of your preference. Choose a moment of the day to do it and visualize how your intention unites and amplifies with the human community. Let us do this together every day during the month of May.

Times today are not easy. That makes it the perfect time to fine-tune one’s intention and to demonstrate the infinite power of the tuned collectivity. So, let’s raise the global frequency together.

Meditations and practices can be accessed here:

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