The Art of Co-creation

30 | 05 | 2022

“The Art of Co-creation” is a 100% online course for leaders and facilitators who wish to learn to create and conduct more agile, efficient, and engaging meetings.

What defines a good leader? What tasks does she or he perform, and in what way? Is leadership something you are born with, or is it developed through work and experience? It cannot be denied that at the core of a good leader lies not only the capacity of getting the job done, but also the ability to coordinate and mobilize a team to create an atmosphere where each member can exploit their abilities to their full extent in an integrated way to achieve the best results, together. In other words, a good leader must know how to get out of an I perspective and encourage a we perspective in which the individuality of each team member is attune with a common goal.

In this journey, La Vaca Independiente appeals to a different understanding of leadership and problem-solving, not as individual strives, but as activities that unify ideas and emotions and that refine our common sensitivity and wisdom, vehicles that invite us to consider, reflect, and talk to activate our conscience and human potential.  Our world is changing at full speed, it is urgent to broaden our focus beyond traditional leadership and accelerate the development of new methodologies for co-creation, dialogue, and reflection, to generate purposeful changes that have an effective impact on our personal and collective development.

“The Art of Co-creation” Course

In this extended search, La Vaca Independiente has invited SwitchedOn Global and Matt Clarke to explore and learn about the art of co-creation together. The proposal is to put cooperation at the center of our work dynamics to create spaces where individuals come together in a collectivity in which they feel represented and taken into account. This way, problem-solving and goal-achievement become everyone’s responsibility, instead of only one person’s. When everyone’s interests are focused on the same objective —which is understood as changing and constantly evolving—, the chances of success maximize.

This is how “The Art of Co-creation” was born. It is a 100% online course that is aimed at leaders and facilitators who wish to learn to design and conduct co-creative meetings. The enormous difference between an ordinary meeting and a co-creative is its focus: go from the “I” to the “we”, leave the past behind and look towards the future and, most importantly, create a space where all efforts are directed towards bringing together all the hands (and heads) available to build something new. In short: to co-create means to connect, collaborate, comprehend, comunicate, coordinate, contribute and accompany.

The aim of this course is to provide the participants with the necessary tools to change the working path and light a creative spark in the team, to start seeing exciting results. The greatest resource of an organization, company or institution is the people: human potential is irreplaceable. Finding harmony must be a priority so that not a drop of it is wasted. It will be crucial to be more efficient with our time, to increase motivation, and to define the role of each person to achieve truly meaningful meetings.

Moreover, when a person learns the premises of the art of co-creation, they are not only able to put them into practice, but also to teach the theory. Thus, it turns out it is in the nature of purposeful change to have an expansive impact. This knowledge is neither vertical nor unilateral, but rather a dialogue that is nourished as it nourishes. That is the target, to reach an ecosystem in which every element works together in harmony and collectively. No result is single nor permanent: by reaching a goal, new ones will come into sight. “The Art of Co-creation” invites us to assertively transform our attitudes and dynamics to paddle in unison towards our objectives.

If you are interested in taking this course, you can enroll in it and navigate through it at your own pace.

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